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2.1 All bookings made on Master Psychic Online are for personal readings on our website
2.2 You are bound by the pricing shown online and must agree to the price quoted before ordering any service.
2.3 It is your responsibility to provide valid billing information while filling out an order or contact form. We accept payments through PayPal.
2.4 We reserve the right to reject any booking or appointment because of scheduling conflicts.
2.5 We reserve the rights to cancel any scheduled appointment if we don’t receive payment in advance or if you are more than 5 minutes later than agreed.
2.6 You are required to pay the price for the services at the time of booking or invoicing unless other specific arrangements have been made. Invoices are sent the day of a scheduled reading and prompt payment is expected. Payment is the only way to guarantee your time slot. Confirmation emails do not secure your time slots.
2.7 We will not provide requested services if we don’t get valid payment or payment arrangements in advance or if the payment doesn’t go through.
2.8 Whenever possible, cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance. Cancellations must be made no less than 2 hours in advance. Clients who do not cancel or reschedule an appointment at least 2 hours in advance are considered a no-show.
2.9 In case of a no-show or late cancellation, you will not be able to book another appointment without contacting Master Psychic Rachel first. She will then put you on a waiting list and work with you directly on scheduling your next appointment. 
3.0 In cases where you reschedule at the last minute, we may require valid payment before your rescheduled appointment will be accepted. 
3.1 Clients who fail to show up or cancel within 2 hours of their appointment time, more than twice within a year, must pay a $25 cancellation fee before future services can be provided. If the invoiced cancellation fee is not paid immediately, a $30 late payment fee will also be assessed that must be paid before any future services.
3.2 Repeated cancellation of appointments or no-shows may lead to Master Psychic Rachel not taking any further appointments from you. 
3.3 After 3 consecutive cancellations or no shows in a year, the booking system will not allow you to make a new booking for 1 year from the date of the last scheduled appointment. You may be able to receive services as a walk-in or waiting list client and can request to be notified when a time slot becomes available.
3.4 For clients who are more than 5 minutes late or pay late, any time missed or time spent handling the transaction is taken from reading time. That means if you schedule a 30-minute reading, are 5 minutes late and require 5 minutes to handle the payment transaction, you will only have 20 minutes of talk time remaining.
3.5 Once you miss an appointment, cancel, or are a no show, you will lose your VIP discount for future readings, meaning you must pay full price. You will not be able to take advantage of sales, promo codes or the VIP discount until you pay for your next reading at regular price. Once you pay the regular rate for 1 reading, you can resume using the coupons, promo codes or the VIP discount. If you miss another appointment, you will again be required to pay full price for the next reading.
3.6 We only accept payments through the authorized payment option shown on our website.

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